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Cycle Paths

February 2019: the last section of this Report, Canterbury City Council’s Plans for new cycle paths, has now become redundant. The information about new routes was taken from CCC’s website mid-June 2017 but, as we reported below, the relevant website page now cannot be located, and probably has been deleted.  When we enquired recently about how plans are progressing for developing the Birch Road / Hollow Lane / Hollowmede connection to “Thanington Park”, as part of Pentland Properties Ltd’s mitigation, CCC staff said they knew nothing whatever about this.  So much for CCC’s commitment to “modal change”.

On the last page of this June 2017 Report we advised,  ‘For a CCC map: www.canterbury.gov.uk and search for “proposed cycle routes” ‘.  Now, June 2018, we advise you not to try to search for this information on Canterbury City Council’s website, as it appears to have been removed.

Non-motorised wheeled access to Canterbury city centre from the A28/Wincheap corridor: Wincheap Society Report.  Click on the link below:


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Full Report 2017