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Notification of Breach of Duty of Care

Correspondence with Highways England, Kent County Council and Canterbury City Council subsequent to the Notification dated 22nd January is set out in this document.  It’s a depressing read, illustrating (as ever) evasion and passing the buck by all three.  Here it is:

After Notification

On 22nd January 2018 four residents’ associations in Wincheap and Thanington Without and a Wincheap Ward Councillor sent a Notification of Breach of Duty of Care to Highways England, Kent County Council and Canterbury Council, in respect of  dangerous road plans proposed for the A2/A28 junctions and increases in already illegal pollution levels in Wincheap resulting from implementation of those plans.

The Notification can be read here:

Notification of Breach of Duty

Highways England and Kent Council Council acknowledged receipt of the Notification; CCC did not. But the following comment by Canterbury City Council spokesman Rob Davies was reported in the KM Gazette (Canterbury edition) 1st February 2018

“We take our responsibilities on traffic congestion and air quality very seriously and reject outright the suggestion that the signatories to the letter have been treated with contempt. We would be very keen to hear of specific examples where they believe this to be the case.”

So, although we might have rested our case at that point, we decided not to.  These two documents comprise the Notification signatories’ response to Mr Davies’s challenge.

“Evidence of Contempt” is over 50 page long, arranged in 17 sections, and almost entirely composed of cut-and-paste documents and email exchanges between the residents’ associations and HE, KCC and CCC, March 2016 to January 2018.  Here it is:

Evidence of Contempt