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Thanington Park Access

January 2019  When the Report on this web page was written in August 2017, we did not think that Highways England might already have approved the layout of the contra-flow system.  At that time we hoped that this dangerous plan would be rejected by HE.  Having carefully reviewed documentation subsequently made available, we now believe that the layout probably was signed off by HE and/or Kent County Council Planning and Highways Department in the autumn of 2017.  Please read all references to HE with this in mind.  For details of the relevant documentation and timeline, see Part 3 of the December 2018 Report to the Department for Transport on the page “Contra-flow on the A2 North-Bound Exit”.

gordian knot.jpgA2 A28 junction plan.jpgIMG_0848.JPG

ACCESS TO “THANINGTON PARK”: THE DECISIONS SEE-SAW, is a report by the Wincheap Society, August 2017.

The Report comprises five documents and a Summary. Click on the six links below to read the full Report.


Introduction: why we wrote this Report

Background: Thanington south of the A28

Proposed access points to Thanington Park: 

1. A2 Westbound slip road access.  Revised junction at A2 westbound slip road and A28

2. Cockering Road “all modes” and bus access points

3. Pedestrian and cycle only access