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Thanington Farm: Quinn Estates’ Access Map

If you thought things couldn’t get any worse, take a look at what Quinn Estates Limited (QEL) is proposing in their Application for a development between the A28 Thanington Road and Cockering Road.  The yellow line is the main road through the development.

The red blob on the left is a proposed junction with Milton Manor Road to the west. The red blob on the right is a proposed junction with Cockering Road, very close to the altered junction with Strangers Lane proposed by Pentland Properties Ltd for their development south of Cockering Road.  See our comments on this at 2. Cockering Road “all modes” and bus access points in “Thanington Park Access” on this website.

QEL roads & access.jpg

So, traffic access from the east would reach or leave QEL’s development via Strangers Lane or St Nicholas Road and Cockering Road – or from Homicide Junction off the A2 slip road.  That’s traffic for 400 dwellings additional to the 750 dwellings (plus services, commercial and medical facilities) envisaged in “Thanington Park”.

Traffic accessing from the western A28 would turn south at Milton Manor roundabout. There is direct pedestrian access to the A28 via an existing path between houses on Thanington Road, but no direct access proposed for vehicles.