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Tree Felling at proposed Wickes’ site (previously Homebase)

The Wincheap society has submitted this response to the planning application to fell mature trees at this site.


Canterbury City Council,

Planning and Development.                                                                        2nd May, 2020

Dear Sirs,

Planning Application CA//20/00698

We write regarding the tree felling aspect of this Application.

In view of the Council’s declaration of a climate emergency in July 2019, we assume that you will be unable to approve Wickes’ planning application for their Cow Lane site as it involves the removal of fourteen mature trees on council property.

We are all aware of the fact that mature trees like those on the site sequester carbon by capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transforming it into biomass through photosynthesis.  They thus constitute an important factor in reducing such emissions in our city.  The Council has plans to plant a large number of trees in the District precisely for the purpose of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The trees on this site are also of high landscaping value, while masking an unattractive building.

We therefore expect the Planning Committee will reject Wickes’ site plans as they stand.  Perhaps they could propose that Wickes adapt their plans for their site around the existing trees, although we must say that very few of trees proposed to be felled seem to affect the proposed alterations.


Yours faithfully,


J. Osborne, Chairman – The Wincheap Society.