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Wincheap 2020 Vision

Wincheap 2020 Vision has been recently set up to collect and collate suggestions for improving the area.

The ideas that can be put forward can be Short term low cost improvements or longer term more ambitious ideas.

A meeting was recently held to discuss ideas generated as a result of a Wincheap Society leaflet campaign and the results can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Wincheap 2020 Vision_first meeting 14 July 2020_summary

If you have any suggestions or comments to add to this report please send an email to wincheap2020vision@gmail.com 

It would be helpful if you could put Wincheap in the subject line.

Latest News & Events

Feb 2021

Wincheap Society publishes the Wincheap 2020 Vision report on its website.

23rd December

Wincheap 2020 Christmas Window Display Competition results announced. Elite takes first place!