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Wincheap 2020 Vision – A New Vision for Wincheap

Introduction to the report by John Osborne, Chairman of the Wincheap Society

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us in different ways. Some are feeling extreme mental strain, coping with home schooling, difficulties with shopping, employment uncertainties, and isolation. Others have been inspired by the lockdown and extra time on their hands to resume a long-neglected project or start something new.

The latter applied to several members of The Wincheap Society who, noticing how much better things were with less traffic and greatly improved air quality, decided to form a sub-committee and draw up ideas for improvements that could be implemented across the Wincheap area.

Thus, I have pleasure in introducing Wincheap 2020 Vision: a new vision for Wincheap, published by The Wincheap Society. It has been produced by local people for local people. The document details proposals that will enhance the quality of life in Wincheap, where I have lived for almost fifty years. Some are simple easily-achieved improvements; some are major, long-term redevelopment projects. We believe that all of our proposals are workable, and we hope that the city councillors and officers will take the time to digest the content of our document and act upon the suggestions when planning for the future.

Comments on this report

If you have any suggestions or comments to add to this report please send an email to wincheap2020vision@gmail.com 

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Download Wincheap 2020 Vision

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